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So sorry the news wasn't better, but sometimes it helps to have some concrete info to know how to help best. Enjoy your time with Tasha. Thinking about you!


Warm thoughts and hugs from one dog-lover to another, dearheart. You both are in my prayers. How fortunate Tasha is to have you, and you she.


I'm working on a hot water bottle cozy right now, and I'm stitching Tasha-prayers into it. And I'll light a candle tonight, for both of you, to join the others held high. Namaste.


I'm sorry too, that the news wasn't good. I'm sending warm fuzzy thoughts. Er..thoughts of warm fuzzies.


I am so sorry that there was not better news for you and Tasha...I am hoping for your time together to be filled with patches of sunlight, comfortable naps on the sheepskin, and long cuddles. My prayers continue to be with you both...


I'm also sorry the news wasn't better. My prayers are with you and her.


Comfort, of whatever kind is needed, for you both. xoxo


All of the best doggy thoughts are being sent out to dear Tasha from Spencer, Katy and me.

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