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It's freezing here too. And more ice in the forecast. Keep your fingers crossed that the power stays ON!
I am enamoured with Rogue too. It is taking all my willpower not to start. I have the pattern, I have the yarn, I just don't have the time!!
Stay warm :)


Hey, I also have no closets. :-) Well, there's on, in the library, where our clothes all hang. Getting dressed involves wandering from room to room figuring out where the appropriate items of clothing might be.

Still thinking good thoughts for Tasha.


Sending California sunshine your way..... xox


Warm thoughts winging your way - We are in day 2 of a 3 day front. Shouldn't complain too much, though. Its been a mild winter - till now.


BRRRRRRR! Is all I can say about your weather!

I adore that Rogue sweater! I've been thinking about trying it, but I'd have to alter the pattern sizing a bit and I'm intimidated by that!
I might just live vicariously through others who are knitting it!


I am so happy to hear that Tasha is doing better. She was very lucky to have been found by you... My vet gives me the same speech about rescuing everybody (2 dogs, three cats in Manhattan). But it is not a choice -- and when a special one like Tasha snuggles up to you and chooses, what can you do but be grateful they found you. I will keep my fingers crossed that the medicine continues to help and that Tasha will have many more days of warm sun patches to bask in.


You?? Don't like knowing what's going on?
Only teasing; glad you & Tasha are doing a bit better.
But for heaven's sake, get offa the computer and go knit by the fire!!!


It's bitterly cold here, too--but then, we expect that here in the North. Keep getting threatened with this STORM that hasn't materialized (yet). SO GLAD Tasha's doing well. Rogue is definitely in my future, as soon as PayPal lets me in again.

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