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Oh I love the library from my childhood. Such a magical place for me. And mine isn't the same anymore either.
Keep those eyes shaded...it is getting brighter and brighter out there. Woo-hoo. We can now resume our regularly scheduled life!


Ah, the tiny little house that was my introduction to the world of forbidden books. And all those index cards that kept a record of who had what book, usually pencil entries that smudged and blurred over time. I suppose technology has its good side but I miss the really personal contact we used to have with the librarian.


Oh - libraries - I love them! There are worlds in those places - although I must admit I sure do wish they'd let me sit there with a nice hot cuppa whilst I read away. We had a book mobile that came around the neighborhood - oh the joy of climbing in there to find what new books the librarian had brought with her - and THEN they built our own little branch and I was allowed to ride my bike there! The pride, the independence - it was way cool. When I taught school I spent most of my free time in the library - so much so that my friend, the librarian, told me to get real and get my Masters in Library Science - maybe one day. Librarians NEVER have to grow up - they can dress in character, drool over books, and do all the voices for the characters - neat uh? Be kind to your eyes dear Greta - and be patient - the will arrive.


I dream about libraries quite often. I wonder what it "means"?

Greta, every time you mention some little architectural detail about your house I get the urge to come live with you. French doors? Oh my.

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