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We always went to the libary downtown rather than getting visited by a bookmobile, but I always loved the concept. Sometimes we rode the bus to the library, which I found thrilling. I still remember where my favorite books were shelved, and waht the place smelled like, even though it's all gone and there's a bigger and brighter one now (oh -- which you've probably visited!). And, hey, we're got some architecture for you here, baby~


OMG~ Bookmobiles, fig trees, turrets! What wonderful images this morning. Was there anything better than a BOOKMOBILE? I loved when it came by my house. What a concept!
And, why pray tell are you living where you do now :) Not as exotic or exciting as where you've been, I'm sure.


My children go to a very small, rural school.
It's basically a 2 room schoolhouse. There are 45 students total.
They LIVE for the bookmobile visits at school, even though there is a small school library on site. The bookmobile is so much more fun!
The Scholastic company book orders every month are a close runner up!

I'm a 70's California baby, we also had the fig tree and the dichondra lawn in the `burbs!

I haven't seen dichondra in ages.
Hmm... maybe I should plant some for old times sake!

debbie klement

Oh yes ...bookmobiles still exist...at leat they do here in Ontario, Canada.

I get pangs of senitimentality every week taking my kids to their karate dojo. The very same bookmobile bus I used 20 yrs ago still stops in the same parking lot which just happens to be right by their dojo.

I used to live for the bookmobile as my parents never had much ineterest in getting me to the library.



You have captured that exact feeling of mine, although we never had a bookmobile, I would feel that way when I went to the library, the bookstore, or my Grandmas garage (no power tools, just bookshelves to the ceiling!)


We still have Bookmobiles here in Central Oregon (Bend). Saw it on my way to work yesterday, parked in the lot of one of the bigger day care places. Did my heart good to know that the kids had access to books!

I still love hanging out in the library. Sometimes I forgo eating lunch to go there and browse, or sit and knit! Good times!


Fear not, Greta -- the bookmobile lives! You'll be interested in this fabulous project: http://www.mobilivre.org/


Remember the bookmobile well. Have been to the library two? or three? times this week. Have I ever mentioned that our Small Town librarian knits when it's quiet? Favorite thing about this post? The volume of parenthetical comments. Okay, now who's disjointed? I'm going (back) to bed :)


The Boise Bookmobile is alive and well. As a little girl I always enjoyed trips to the library with my grandmother. My boys are less excited about such trips, but I took them anyway. There's just something magical about a library. Whether it be of brick and stone, or of steel.

Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories! xxoo


They do indeed still exist, because I am married to the Bookmobile Man! He's been doing it for about 27 years now, going to rural schools and public stops throughout the county. He has such a following of little people (some grown up now with little people of their own) that where ever we go, he looks like the Pied Piper. Honestly, there are many people who don't know my name, they just know I am married to the Bookmobile Man. LOL When I go to write a check somewhere, invariably someone will ask in awe, "Are you married to the Bookmobile Man?" Yes indeedy.

He will get such a kick out of this post and all the comments.

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