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We knit the first chaunaka candles at the kid's "school" yesterday, and I came home thinking I need a menora here too. I figure I can celebrate as many traditions as I want, since I'm pagan.

I believe there is a Quaker (Friends) phrase about holding someone in the light. I've always liked that one too.

Now I'm thinking we need to make some Challa. I've already told spouse we needed to make blintzes and latka's this week, and ethiopian food (unrelated, but I was dreaming about it) this week. Challa sounds good too. But he's also got to bake a cake for a friend whose birthday is tomorrow.

Happy All Holidays to you, and enjoy your candles. :-)


Mmmmmmmm...Challah. Latkes. Chocolate. Presents. What's not to love?

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