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"I don't need anything for Christmas this year, because this is all I've ever yearned for."

That's one of the heart-happiest things I've ever read. You're a blessing. And movies! Oh, you have so much to look (pun intended) forward to!


I'm so happy for you, reading this post made me smile from the bottom of my heart. Have a fantastic holiday season, you deserve it.


So good to hear that YOU are healed, yep the eye WILL take a wee while longer...patience there gal patience but to understand a healing of your self such a bounteous gift. May that light keep shining bright and true to your heart and mind and may the flickering screen give you pleasure and sharing a plenty :0)


I'm glad you're feeling so well, and chipper, and productive...! ::sigh:: :-)


What a heart you have.


What a wonderful post, Greta! You truly *are* full of the holiday spirit. God bless you, you wonderful woman.

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