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Oh, sweets. That's just what I needed to hear. I had a little girl at my apt the other door and she tugged her mom's arm and said, "This place is messy, Mom." Insta-shame.

But it's not really messy, it's just cluttered with books and art and fiber and love and cats.

And now I say YES! Danger Girl says this is living. Thanks, darlin. You're always just what I need.


Here, here! I'm thanking DG that you have room in your life for someone as imperfect as I, who had to give up what little organization there was when I was blessed with the wee one. I do that year-end assessment, too, usually on NYEve ~ though this being the first full year of Caroline, I'm not sure I even set goals, and I surely didn't keep track of acomplishments like I used to . . . I'll happily count my blessings instead, you among 'em!


Danger Girl brings tears to my eyes tonight. I SO needed to hear this. We're going through the annual "we must declutter this place" activity, and as I look around at the colors and textures and memories I find myself lacking for not excitedly getting rid of all this "junk". Ah, but beauty *is* in the eye of the beholder, is it not? And what I see around me is....with the exception of the dog hair....beauty.

Thank you for a great, inspiring post, dear Greta Girl.


I'm pretty sure my daily mess (inner and outer)would set all y'all back on your over-protesting heels. My current problem is that I'm living a connundrum of my childhood.

When I was a kid, ever so often (but not often enough to let any new habits take hold) my mom would get on a mission to rid our household of all "junkincrap." One word. Remarkably redundant. Incredibly irritating.

So I'm fighting a losing battle. I will not answer to that voice and that non-word. But I certainly could make use of the principle.

I say write "take 'get organized' off list" at the top of the list.

Carolyn D.

Yes! So true. I work with a woman who has one of those minimalist houses -- she has no stuff! No books. No magazines. No hobbies. Just white walls and pristine carpets. I think I would go mad. . .


I also really needed to hear this. I think I know the difference between creative clutter and a big ol' mess, and I know that my office is a big ol' mess. But I knew there was a reason I go through my yarn stash every month to "organize" it, but wind up not doing anything different to it at all--it's as crazy and cluttered as it ever was. And it's fabulous!


I see your Tigger jammies, and raise you my SHEEPIE jammies. ;-)

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