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What a cute litttle sock! How big, or little, is it? I keep seeing people mention making osme as gift tags. It sounds like fun, in my free time. What free time? Well, maybe sleep isn't all that necessairy.

Cindy Lue Who is a good sock name! I love the way the toe curls up. Little Cindy Lue is my favorate from the Grinch book.


This is definately a Cindy Lou Who sock! Its _adorable_!


That brings such a grin to my face! I can just imagine a little Who-baby wearing them.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Carolyn D.

Verra cool! I felted a similar pair of boots about 6 years ago for my son, with cool dyed mohair locks around the top. Alas, he wouldn't wear them. . .Why do children have to be so conservative?


Oh my. Oh. My. You are making me giggle, woman.


Your sock is adorable. What a great way to use up leftover yarn.


Yup, that is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love the way the toe curls like that!

Now, you take care of yourself. I don't like hearing (reading) that you're in so much pain.

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