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My Lunabar is Lemonzest, with Earl Grey. Please fax chocolate, I've gotta get this newsletter to the printer!


Wait a minute. When is the virtual slumber party? I've missed reading about it. I wanna go!

I wanna have a real one too. Any other Pacific North West knitters want to hang out? Or should we all go to Greta's to help her recover from surgery? :-)

I don't know Luna bars. But anythign chocolatey with hot beverage is a wonderful thing.


Hey Stonering, I'm up here in central WA. Should I pick you up for the road trip? I think the routing makes more sense from OR than WA. :)

G--see you soon :P


Ok,humming Wales here, so I'm just about to get in the coracle and paddle across the 'pond'. I don't wear PJ's but have a snazzy selection of night-shirts all with handy pocket for safe but melting storage of chocolate.I may need to nibble on the dipped in chocolate kendal mint cake to keep paddling :0)Hu


'sall about the Smores, Luna chicks.

I think that's a great idea, to have the virtual slumber party coincide with the name drawing...as soon as we figure out how best to do the name drawing, that is...and how exactly do we have a virtual slumber party?


We'll figure it out...we're AVENGERS! I think cheap webcams arein order...that way we could SEE the actual name drawing....oooo, wait. That won't work. (sigh) we could see the cool jammies though!
Come on over....we should all go to Maryland Sheep and wool with jammies packed and stay in some fabulous bed and breakfast...
Stonering you MUST check out LUNA bars...youu can order them online...


Okay Ann - I live just a couple miles off I5, so you could pick me up and hten we could continue south. I think the sounthern route is more sensabel at this time of year anyway.

Greta I'm looking up Luna on line now, to see if they have milk in them. (Nursling reacts to things with Cows Milk, even if I eat them.)

Daisy, be careful paddling. It's a mighty big puddle to get across in a little boat. :-)

Coordinating 'jamma party and Cupid exchange sounds like fun. I want to get some real life peopel together too - but everyone's so far apart. Humm.

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