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Pioneer Melissa

Blessings to you, my dear. And yay for getting past the blisters stage. Strum on!


There's no store that carries what we've got, darlin' - peace and love and happiness and yarn (oh, okay, yeah, yarn I guess) and family and warmth. Shop INDOORS today, inside. It's all here, innit? XOX


You said it. Amen, indeed :)

(Although I may need some brandy for the Mushroom Gravy... ;))


Yes, indeedy, you got it all right. amen. But I'm still happy to have gotten my mama in the car and down to see Ann's bakery and get her some yarn to start knitting again! Now I just have to locate her old needles . . . XXO


So mote it be. :-)

Happy home day.

Carolyn D.

My sentiments exactly. Although, the desire to avoid mall traffic kept me from buying yet more beads today. . .


Hear, hear for not going to the mall! I've not been to the mall in Boise in several years. And I certainly don't plan on breaking that no-mall streak this year. :)

Your father gave you some beautiful gifts dear girl, and you are providing your children with those gifts also. What a great parent you are.


Smart woman. Knitting at home is much better than shopping at the mall. I stayed home too.

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