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Okay I had to stop reading and comment at the mouth full of cat hair part. I was thinking, overnight, while trying to pet the kitten on my head enough to get her to settle down and go back to sleep instead of trying to find a comfortable position on top of my face, that Jerry at Manly Art wrote about his cats realizeing when he's awake and coming to see him. What's up with mine deciding to wake me? It's nice to be loved by the cat, but I'd rather it was when I was awake, rather than when she wakes up in the dark! And this morning I had to walk down the stairs distracting her with one foot while going down a step with the other. Sigh. I'm mixing up her name and my daughters when I try to reach past her to type something. :-) And she's supposed to feel like just resting after having been spayed yesterday. Evidently no one told her!


Good answer to the goblins too. I keep counting my knitting days, and somehow then starting another project. I'm past half way on one of them! Whoo hoo. Of course I've also started one that isn't even for the holidays although it will be a gift for my favorate cousin (mother of the other Greta who I know) eventually. I'm torn between finishing things while working dilligently and doing stuff with some of my luxury yarns. I started an acutal gift last night with some Cascade Indulgence -- oh the feel of it!


You tell them nasty gremlins! At least your's talk to you. Mine just mostly jump up and down on my stomach and tie my guts in knots! And then I had to rip out ALL of the prayer shawl I was doing for SIL, so I won't get that done either. And new projects keep calling my name and waving yarn in my face. Keep up the good fight!


I loved this post, doll. You put them right in line, didn'tcha? I'm proud of you. And know what? The people who love you, LOVE you. No matter what. It's definitely not about what you buy or what you make, it's how you make our hearts sing.
all love,

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