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My favorite bumper sticker is, "Life's too short to drink bad wine." Words to live by!


I like "I just haven't been the same since that house fell on my sister". in a twisted sort of way, of course.


Oh, I had something profound to say, then read Debbie's favorite bumper sticker, and *poof*, it's gone. The cutest bumper sticker I'd seen in awhile was "Discourage inbreeding--ban Country music".

Now I must go wrack my brain to figure out what it was I wanted to say here....besides the fact that I think you're so very amazing, and you remain in my prayers. Well, what I had wanted to say was along those lines, but oh, so much more eloquent!


While I'm looking forward to making some gift hats/scarves/mittens from the Kool Wool, I'm not going back to the boucle'. Maybe your needles got along with it better than mine, but I felt like I kept catching the loops.


One of my favorite bumper stickers: "I'd rather be smashing imperialism."

I am also pleased with the Series results. It's mighty quiet here in the Big Apple.


I love the colors on Pancho. I want to see a pic with it on you! My favorite line (especially when I was teaching gifted was/is - I'm not weird - I'm gifted) and the cartoon of the gifted kid pulling on the push door that says - Gifted Ed.


I'm getting "I'M DATING YOUR HUSBAND" for my next car.

Other favorites: an Old R. Crumb bumpersticker showing Mr. Natural shaking his fist, saying, "Get your shit together!"
Negativland's "CAR BOMB" sticker.
O'Reilly & Associates "Are You Annoyed?" sticker


I would like to obtain the pattern of a simple pancho please.

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