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Looks great! Makes me want to do a poncho now too!


Hey, I just checked here a few hours ago. Glad you let me know to come back for the big reveal. Love those colors. The collar looks like it came out real well. Should be nice and snuggly. Great job!

Hey Brenda, you should definitely join us. Ponchos are fun!


Congrats on your Panch launch! Tis a beauty. I'm feeling an urge to ponch-a-long but have toooo much compulsory work on the list.

Regarding earlier post: Fitted sheets can be folded?


Jeez, you're making me want a poncho, too, and I thought I was scarred for life by that white acrylic affair I had as a wee girl...

Loose Ends Melissa

Looks great. Would love to see it on you.


Baby, you can drive my car. Long as you wear that, you hear? I love it.


I love the collar and the border on Pancho! I also love the music store post.



Ruth in Houston

How about a pic with you modeling it ?

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