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What do I think? I think you are ADORABLE! Blue becomes you, dearest.


Aren't you the cutie patootie! I love it -- and I know Caroline would, because blue is her favorite. Just emailed the unka a reminder about photos. Thanks for the bit o'cheer your smiling face provides as I sit at work still this drizzly eve~


I am so glad you shared a photo of you in poncho. The neckline looks great. The hat is a perfect addition.


Too cool! I love the look. Would make a goodie for a pattern book :) Thanks for the pic. I always love to see the finished product and it's even better when on the knitter - yearning for a digital camera (sigh). Gift giving days and coming up and it's on the top of my list.


Great combo! They both look terrific on you! You made the right decision on the neckline of the poncho--it turned out very Kool.


I love it! The neck is so nice and the I-cord trim gives it a master touch. The hat is the bomb...or maybe it's the wearer!


Awesome! I love it! And the colors are great on you. . .


Looks mahvelous! REady for that cold weather stuff. Now to get going on the capelet I am doing!


You couldn't look better, darlin', and neither could Pancho. (Can we pleeeze call the hat Villa? Please?) I'm sending you some warm, dry thoughts from Santa Ana-land. (But keep the tinder away lest it spark....) XOX


okay, okay the hat is Villa
(of course Rach, an Italian house
for my brain...how absolutely PERFECT!)
THANKS ever so much for the compliments
back to the Sleeves of Sonnet!

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