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Sweet Greta,
I have goosebumps! xoxodeb


Writing from the hip - what a GREAT way to put it. And I happen to like that digital shot! Yarn is notoriously elusive when it comes to being photographed - runs and hides its beauty under the flash's harsh light. WE know what you've got there, and it's terrific! yeehaw! say hi to Sponge Bob and pals.


Greta, I did not comment yesterday because I didn't know what to say. Once you know me better, you will know what a rarity that is. Your writing and your memories are so moving.

I think the pic is fine, but then all of my pics look like a 2nd grader took them with a Brownie camera (anyone old enough to know what that is?) If you learn how, you can teach me! I hate the way my digital camera messes up the colors. I almost feel like if I have to correctly describe the colors every time what is the point of posting a pic? I enjoy seeing everyone else pics so much. Except for one thing...

I get that..."oooh, I wanna do that too-itis!"

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