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Loose Ends Melissa

How about overlapping the new yarn with the old and knitting with both for 3 stitches in a row. When you are done, do your best to invisibly weave in each end. Let me know if this isn't clear.


I can't tell from the picture of the shawl how tapey the yarn actually is, but maybe a russian join would work? PDF file: http://www.knittingfun.homestead.com/files/rus_join.pdf. I can't find the original site I went to for this, but it was also helpful. Here's another one, even though it's for machine knitters, the pictures are good: http://www.knittinganyway.com/freethings/russianjoin.htm

I have tried this with mixed results, and it did look the best with Takhi Ravello, which I would describe as kinda tapey, but maybe in a different way than glitterspun.


I knitted a sweater which had alternating rows knit in a slinky kind of ribbon. What I did to join a new ball was overlap the ends an inch or so and take a needle and sewing thread and sew the two together. The "thickened" stitch or two which resulted wasn't noticeable and I didn't have to worry about the ends sliding out. You might want to try this.


Sorry, I don't have any advice on joining slippery yarn (am interested in reading it though).

I wanted to let you know I found the Berroco poncho pattern - it's on it's way to me. Yea! After I ordered it, I remembered my kiddo detests turtlenecks. I will probably make a rolled neck or something. She thought she wanted greys...and then I showed her jellybean in Lion Brand (which is a bright colored multi) and she saw another with purples she liked. I will take her with me when I actually pick out the yarn (probably at Hobby Lobby) so it may change again by then.

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