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Wowie wowie wowie! How wonderful! And what a perfect, thoughtful gift for your friend. She will love it, wear it, cuddle with it with the greatest pride. (I finished mine last night, too, will post pics tomorrow morning.....) Congrats to you a lovely job! Virtual slumber party here we come!


Greta, your wave is soooo pretty! Congratulations! It's a wonderful gift, too.


That's beautiful!

Loose Ends Melissa

It's beautiful. A lovely way of honoring a friend's achievement. Onto the zipper, right?


It's de-lovely! (look at me, it's 8:30 am and I finished my work for the morning with half and hour to spare! Yay!) The name of the book you're looking for, dear, is _Poetry for Cats_, by Henry Beard. He also did _French for Cats_, which is also funny if only for his discourse on the Existential Cat, coughing up a hairball. But that's not important right now. I am psyched for the slumber party!


What a beautiful commemorative gift!The pictures are great, too.

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