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Hi Greta -- I got the turquoise Cotton-Ease too, for Sitcom Chic that I still haven't started and may put on hold till spring. But are you gonna sonnet-along with Kristi? Because I may do that too, having already made a Haiku. Just gotta get to the stash when the lights come back on . . .


YES! I loved knitting Haiku and so I may Sonnet along with Cotton ease.(I really wanted a yarn called portuguese...but I NEED TO USE MY STASH!) My Father loved Rhapsody in blue...he played the saxaphone...I can hear it in the dark if I close my eyes REALLY tight...so this one may be named Saxaphonic Sonnet. Maybe.


Glad my suggestion worked for you with the Glitter yarn. By coincidence, I'm also working on a Sonnet. Mine, will I think, end up being a vest. I'm knitting it in the Holly & Ivy colorway of Red Heart acrylic which I purchased on sale for $2/6 oz. skein. I have three skeins so I'm not sure I have enough for sleeves. Tonight I discovered I miscounted on my cast on row so it's going to end up longer than I had thought it would. Discovered that when I started the box stitch area. But I'm 6 inches into the garment and not about to rip it out.

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