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Yay! I'm the first one to get to say WOO HOOOOOOO! Fred looks Fabulous INDEED.


Fred does look terrific. Feel better soon.

Loose Ends Melissa

Glad the 2 outa 3 rule worked for you. I will have to go check out zipperstop. I have never done the cardi/zipper combo. Take care and feel better soon!


See? The picking up stitches is alllllll done. Hope the cold goes away just as fast. Just missed you at Yentala's!


Fred is indeed Fabulous!
Hope you feel better soon.

Pioneer Melissa

Fred looks great. Hope you're feeling better soon.


Wow, Fred is gorgeous! Now hurry up and get well so you can prance around while wearing him!

You've got my curiosity going about the stole...


Fred is fabulous and fantastically fine!


You did great on the edging. Chicken soup - lots water and flush that cold right out of there - as my Mom would say...


BEE-AUTIFUL! I wasn't too thrilled by the design until I saw yours... but it's gorgeous!


gack...need more coffee... read my comment after I submitted it and realised it sounded really bad.... foot-in-mouth... what I meant was "I just thought the design was nice, but not a Must Knit.... after seeing yours I thought "WOW! This is a FUN sweater!"


Bonne Marie is a genius, really!
This pattern makes sense when you knit it....
and when my eyes stop watering
I need to write her a THANK YOU note!


Thanks for the tip on the zipper source -- can't find good ones around here. I've got to make that sweater one of these days. ..


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Looks awesome! I haven't been able to access your site and am sorry to have missed this announcement. There are several of us who'll all be finishing at the same time. How cool! We're keeping zipperstop pretty busy, I think.

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