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Mensch, Greta....wenn ich nur *ansatzweise* so eine Mama sein k├Ânnte, wie dein Papa.


It was so hard to write this in English :)


How beautifully poigniant. I lost my father 26 years ago to heart disease and still miss him terribly. Thank you for sharing this special memory with all of us.


((((Greta)))) My family believes that my grandpa is keeping things running smoothly in the beyond... I think he and your father might be great friends :)


Cherie, this one truly brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful remembrance! I love my dad because he's my dad, but he's not got such special skills, and we don't have that kind of relationship, alas.

Ruth in Houston

Ahhh so sweet a memory. My dad, too, could fix anything, until his last breath. That was 25 yrs ago, I still dream about him as if he never left.
Thank you for sharing.


Oh my. You have made me cry, but in a good "daddies *are* wonderful" kind of way. My daddy could also fix anything, and many is the time in my adult life that I've wished that fixing the things that hurt me were as easy for him as fixing the washing machine seemed to be. Thanks very much.


Greta: What a bittersweet and poignant post. I have similar memories of my maternal grandfather. I miss him still, 20 years after his death.



A very sweet memory. I hope you find lots of comfort in it and others.


Doll, what a tribute. Goes a long way towards describing where you, as a warm, loving, kind, sweet, smart and generous person, get your traits. I raise a screwdriver (the tool, not the drink) in honor of fathers everywhere who fixed the important things. Thank you.


Thanks, Greta. What a wonderful story, and what a wonderful papa.


A beautiful tribute, Greta. Your storytelling paints a vivid mental picture that brings about both a smile and a tear. Thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful gift your father gave you. Vielen Dank, Freundchen.


Your writing does indeed paint a picture. Keep up the amazing story telling!
Smiles to you and the memory of your Papa!

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