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There is really nothing more delightful than a SMART smart ass :) I'm ever so glad Danger Girl survived.


Now THAT is a story for the ages. Thank you for sharing it...it really oughta be shared with all the fourth-graders out there...ever thought about writing for kids, or have you done so in the past? I mean, that's it...you are the official fairy godmother to my future daughter. Wave the wand and transform Cinderella into a biker chick who kicks ass and takes names. YEAH.

Pioneer Voman from de Voods

Little did Ms. G. realize -- she was a prophet -- "you are a Danger Girl". It was a superhero baptism really. ;-)


Guillotine! Somewhere, be it in the misty ether or a small walk-up in Queens, Ms. G is still sputtering. How perfectly YOU this story is. And what a way to find your true Name. I love it.


Great story and wonderful telling!
She probably didn't know the definition of "trajectory." ::This lame insult from one who, as a child, thought trajectory was the place where the farming nuns kept their tractors. Although as a preteen, I might've guessed it to mean something nasty to do with boys::


Great story.
Keep on writing!


Thank goodness for Danger Girl. And for your wonderful writing. What an amazing, confident, strong little girl you were. And lookit that--you turned into an amazing, confident, strong woman. You go, DG. You're my hero.





What a kid. What a past. What fun reading!


Every time I read you I laugh out loud. Thanks for lifting my spirits just when I need it most.

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