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Oh, that sounds heavenly--a real gift.

And yes, I do often dream of trains, and occasionally I've wanted to be an anglepoise lamp. I had an idea that you would get it--it can't be that far a leap from "Vatican Rag" to "Uncorrected Personality Traits," can it?

We will kick some serious charades BUTT!


Greta, I used to work for an art handling co. I loved my jobs at various times, I hated it at others, I am entirely OVER it now. I miss a few of my coworkers, but perhaps even more, the art itself. I worked on the administrative end of things, but the folks handling the art would stop what they were doing and make sure we upstairs got to see...no, be with...the truly extraordinary stuff that passed through our hands. Dubuffets resting on a cardboard-covered packing table, all sorts of wonders (but my laptop battery is about to fail me)...


Hey, I know the Vatican Rag! I'm dying to know who the artist is and whether there are pix we can see. Was it the town with a two-word name? I managed a gallery in Charlotte in the '80s and got to meet Romare Bearden before he died, so I want to take an artist's date to DC to see his show at the National Gallery.


song-a-long with me children:
"Bow your head with
great respect and....."

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