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Lillium here. Actually it is Susan. Remember the days when people told you that you MUST have a name to hide behind on the Web? Well, I thought and thought (this took quite awhile) and came up with Susan = Lily = Lillium - slightly unique and I like the sound. Glad you like the flower. Got you covered on the intercessory prayer - umm except that right about now you probably don't want to be covered - but rather would feel a whole lot better taking the Nestea plunge - ice cubes and all.

Okay, I looked at the shawl pattern and it looks like I might be able to tackle it. However, I need some help finding the yarn and knowing what yarn will work. I like the yarn in the example on the directions, but when I went to the site that was recommended for purchasing it isn't listed. Know of anything comparable to it? Also which knitting needles are better - the bamboo or the steel?

Meanwhile eat some York Peppermint Patties ... and experience the cool.


RATS. You are the second person who followed the links and said NOT WORKING. (gnashing of teeth) I HATE that. However, I'll bet the guys at Threadbear (cuz I heard a rumor that Rob is doing the Shawl too) would have some absolutely fabulous ideas (wink wink).

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