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Girl, you've got the goods to be a Gram Aveng. You know you do. I know you do. Lurk away, but we'll get you someday. Mwah hah hah! PS - Love the yarn you're using for the wave! Makes me re-think my basic black.


Holy ruby slippers! The "Auntie Em" connection completely slipped my mind. I was coming here to tell you that anyone who stays up all hours worrying about whether to join absolutely belongs in the ring, and then I read this post and I am very glad that Danger Girl won out. I love your writing and look forward to much more of it, rules or not!


Be still my beating heart...I've been invited to Join :)
Truth be told, Danger Girl almost always wins. I used to try and shut her up. I'm having a lot more FUN now.


Boy did this strike a chord in me! I have been trying to get my niece and son to begin blogging so that they would establish a habit of writing. Both complied and then I saw their grammar and spelling errors. Yes, a blog is supposed to be an free expression BUT.... give me a break. There does come a time when lack of capitalization, punctuation, and correct grammar does detract from the posts. Not that I am saying that I don't make errors - because I do and I will. And some of it is my desire to freely be me. I enjoy your posts and have you listed at my site. By the way - any ideas for another knitting project that is easy but nice? Scarf or a not to difficult cap? I can knit and purl - LOL.


Do join us in the SHAWL a long. It is BEAUTIFUL and easy. Really. I am smitten. The directions are CLEAR (even a mermaid could do this if she TRIED) the needles are BIG (read:nearly instant gratification)and the resulting waves and shells show off variegated yarns to great advantage.
How can I resist emailing a girl whose name is the Latin for one of my favorite flower groups? :)

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