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Now what did you tell me was the tentative publication date ?


ooh, my first adaptation! Or we could do a Clark/Kubrik/2001 thing and write them both at the same time.

but first, you need to knit that DG sweater.


P.S. to the email I sent!

I sent the graphic without any code to link it to your site. If you need help with that, let me know and I can probably figure that out too!


All this time I thought you had been referring to the Danger Girl comic books series. I used to read that! But now that I see your graphic I'm realizing that you are talking about something different! LOL, did you used to read Danger Girl too? Is that why you use the name?


A big shout out to CHRISTINE...wooohoo. Stay tuned for your very own danger girl button ;)
Also, for sharlene, or anybody else who hasn't been (blush) following along...DG has been my nickname (for good reason) since 4th grade. See the post in the archives called Danger GIrl, the early years for the *whole* story. Never knew there was a comic book until I started getting all the google hits....hmmmmmmmmm.

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